Renting a bicycle is easy and convenient, enjoy your stay at Camping Mare e Pineta by riding through the natural paradise that surrounds us, on two wheels it’s better…

Camping Mare e Pineta is the ideal starting point to discover the beauty of our natural environment, and there is no better way than to do it by bicycle. We offer a convenient bicycle rental service with different types of bike to choose, to allow you to explore our splendid area in total freedom.

Advantages of our rental service:

  1. Freedom and flexibility: discover the surroundings at your own time, without fixed schedules or dependence on public transport.
  2. Health and well-being: cycling is a healthy and fun way to enjoy the scenery and keep fit during your holidays.
  3. Unique experiences: discover hidden places, breathtaking landscapes and local attractions off the beaten tourist track.
  4. Fun for the whole family: The bikes are suitable for all ages, making rentals a perfect choice for families.

Whether you want to take a quiet stroll along the seafront or the centre of the neighbouring towns, explore the valleys of Comacchio, or visit the centre of Comacchio, our bicycles are your ticket to adventure.

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